"I've owned pinball machines and arcades
my whole life and this is the best product I've EVER
purchased. It's awesome! I can't believe I'm able to play so
many games in one cabinet and this thing is brand new!"
-Sharon M, Ohio
Please watch the following video. It demonstrates the programming that most of my customers install in their machines:

The majority of people contact us in pursuit of a brand-new, custom arcade cabinet that plays multiple games. All of our cabinets are individually machined on a CNC router. We can create any size and shape of cabinet that you want!

Best of all, our cabinets are 100% modular in design, meaning you ONLY include the features that YOU WANT in your cabinet. If you want custom or vintage side art, we can do thatÖbut if you donít want to pay for it, you arenít forced to do so. Better yet, if you decide that you do want side art (or any upgrade, for that matter), we can add anything you want at a later date. You can enjoy your arcade while you continually upgrade it! Some examples of what we can add to your cabinet are listed below:

         * Custom and/or Vintage Side Art

         * Custom and/or Vintage Marquees (all of our cabinets come with a brand new, backlit marquee installed. You can upgrade if you like, however.)

         * Backlit LED Buttons (These can be installed to flash and flow in intricate light-show patterns. They can also have custom artwork INSIDE the button. For example, if youíre a sports fan, we can have each button backlit with your teamís logo inside the button.)

         * Under-cabinet Ground Effects for lighting (Neon light will flow under the cabinet at ground level. It will literally lure people to the cabinet from the other side of your rec room during parties.)

         * Custom Monitor Bezels/Artwork

         * Plug-and-play access to your home gaming Consoles (Yes, for under $40, we can make it so your Xbox, Playstation, PC, etc, are all usable inside the arcade cabinet. Once installed, itís as easy as plugging in a lamp.)

         * DVD and MP3 Playing (If this cabinet will be a showcase in your rec room, you can also make it DVD-ready so you can watch movies wherever it is located)

         * Coin doors and LED faux-coin buttons

         * Custom THEME Cabinets (If you are a sports fan, for example, we can build a cabinet in your favorite team's colors, load it up with custom buttons, and you can support your team while beating your grandson at a game from 1979.)

         * Dozens More Options (If you want something specific added to YOUR machine, just ask!)

Check out the following pictures and some videos of our custom-built cabinets. Why pay $3000 at a specialty store when you can get something completely unique for a fraction of the cost?? And remember, if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, we CAN make it happen!